The Hobo Railroad Trains all leave from the classic styled Hobo Junction Train Station on Rt 112 in Lincoln, NH. The round trip should take about one hour and twenty minutes as we cover a distance 14 miles round trip. We leave the station built in 1986 and first pass through the "Hobo Hills Miniature Golf". After clearing Main Street we pass the home of the White Mountain Attractions Assoc. The building is also a visitors center with the large attached barn built in 2004. The track that switches off behind Macdonalds leads another 1/4 mile to what is called the Mill Yard. Lincoln is the end of the White Mountain Branch as the railroad in its days never made a roadbed through Franconia Notch.

Descending a steep hill we hear the squeal of the trains brakes until we level off and make a 90 degree left turn right at the location of the Cafe Lafayette Dinner Train. Most trains stop here for a few minutes so that we can pick up our fresh sandwiches for those that ordered the "Hobo Picnic Lunch".

Just after the Dinner Train we pass for the first time over the rocky East Branch of the Pemigiwasset River on a two span trestle. Look to the left and you see the lanes of Interstate Route 93 also crossing the river. A sharp right turn and then descend a small hill before we sound the horn for the small dirt road known as Grandma's Crossing. Another 1000 feet or so and the Route 175 crossing causes us to blow the whistle again to protect the vehicles that use this highway. An "S" turn by a "Bed and Breakfast" and on the right you get the first close-up of the "Pemi" River.

After a few minutes we cross "Power Line Crossing". Off to the right is our MOW supplies such as New Ties and Rail. Shortly on your right is another view of the river where it takes a sharp bend right beside the tracks.
On your right after this, it opens up for the best view of the river. This area is our best view of the Pemigewasset River and allows views of the large birds that swoop through this river area looking for prey. We sometimes view happy rafters, boaters and tubers on their ride down the river.

We prepare for the next crossing of the "Pemi" via the "Swimming Hole Bridge". Two more farm crossings deserve a short toot before we reach Woodstock North and South Crossings where the Woodstock Station was situated. The restaurant in town called Woodstock Station is really the Lincoln Station blended into the restaurant building as a seperate dining area. Descending the last few miles, passing the Self Storage, we can see the ramps from Exit 30 off Interstate Rt 93. We sound the horn for one long blast before we cross a golf cart crossing and then enter the very active Jack O' Lantern Golf Resort. A quarter of a mile through the golf course we stop within sight of a replica of a covered bridge that is used by golf carts after the 18th hole, to traverse the small stream.

We are now at MP Plymouth 14.6. You can stretch your legs while we are not moving and enjoy the view. There is no station here so we must stay on the train. After a brief stop here the Conductor will postion himself on the rear platform of the last car so that he can guide the train back to Hobo Jct Station. He must ring the bell and sound the horn for railroad crossings. The round trip should take about one hour and twenty minutes.

This is a good time to enjoy one of our many food or beverage options. Upon your return you are invited to tour the Hobo Gift Shop, and enjoy our playground. Hope you can come back and ride with us again on the Hobo Railroad in the heart of the White Mountains. Be sure and check on some of the other fine attractions in the Franconia Notch area. The visitors center across from our entrance, provides guidance for the White Mountains Area. Also a full history of the Hobo Railroad is available on our History Page.